Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 4 - 151


Right on track.

Okay so truth. Believe it or not, last week I got down to 148. I had a feeling it wouldn’t last very long so I didn’t post it up. I figured that kind of rapid weight loss is bound to be a result of rapid water loss and it seems that my hypothesis was probably correct.

Oh and the cheese fries, nachos, sweet and sour chicken, pint of Haagen Daaz, fudge covered frozen yogurt, and loaf of homemade white bread might have and something to do with the weight regain as well.

I was great the first two weeks. I watched every single calorie, logged in overtime at the gym, and just had a great mindset. Then I got tired, bored and fell into a bit of a funk this week. I was still working out, but not as intensely. Oh and I may have gone over my calorie limit a little.

This happens a lot to me. In the past I used to let this kind of setback get me down. I would just take myself off the healthy program that I was on and revert to my old habits. However the new me has learned to expect some regression in the third week. Seriously, I prepare for it. I knew this was coming, hence the extra hours at the gym the week before. But now the week of diet “vacation” is over.

Though I hope that one day I will not feel a need to revert to my old habits as often as I do now, I acknowledge my weaknesses and cope. I will not allow my weakness to convince me that I lack strength. I CAN DO THIS!

So time to get back on track. The wedding is a little bit more than a month away and I still have 11 pounds to lose.

Who’s with me?

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